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Partial DV recieved, do I request more? Next steps?

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I sent a DV request in reply to a dunning letter for a utility bill that I had trouble getting the utility company to correct. I the utility promised to correct the bill, but then never sent me the corrected statement. The next communication I received was the dunning letter from the CA. The CA sent a printed statement that shows billing history on my account for the year I had service and does show the correction that I requested from the utility. There was no other info included with the printout except for a generic cover letter stating that the information I requested was enclosed. The printout was delivered to me by FCM (not CMRRR, etc.) Of interest to me is that the printout lists the account as written off.

The letter I sent via CMRRR asked for:

  • Proof that the SOL hasn't expired,
  • Copies of any judgments,
  • Why I owe the money,
  • Proof that I agreed to pay what they say I owe,
  • How the debt amount was calculated,
  • Proof that they are licensed to collect in my state (IL),
  • ID of the original creditor,
  • And the CA's license number and registered agent.

Since the CA only provided minimal documentation for my request, should I demand more information from them? What is the next step that I should take?

Since the account is listed as written off, does that mean that the CA bought the debt? Does the write off change any of my rights?

By the time that I received the CA's initial letter, the item was already reported on my CR and I believe that it is the reason that one of my credit cards had it's limit reduced. I would like to get this item removed from my CR and collect on any damages that I'm entitled.

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I checked my records and found that the validation letter was sent just over 30 days from when they received the CMRRR DV. From how I understand the process, I should now send a demand that they cease collection efforts and remove the item from my CR. Is this correct? Is this letter with DV information considered a collection action and make them liable for penalties since it came after the 30 day deadline?

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