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Confused on if I PFD to CA or OC in the case

Guest simglemommy

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Guest simglemommy

Hello I am single mom trying to raise my 2 year old daughter and I want to improve my credit. The last negative item I have on my credit report is an old salle mae credit based loan from a few years ago. They have sold this to a collection agency; however the collection agency is not reporting anything on my credit report..only sallie mae is (listed as charged off/sold etc). I was gfoing to offer the CA a PFD but assume that would be pointless since there is nothing from them to delete? I say that because I imagine they have no power to delete the Sallie Mae entry on my file?

If this is the case what is the best way to proceed? The loan was for 10k and I can pay half but dont want to pay anything at all if its not going to be removed.

Any help would be appreciated.

CA:National Enterprise Collections

OC:Sallie Mae Financial

State: Texas


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