Paralegal Trying to Find "That Certain Someone"

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I'm a former paralegal who used to prepare the schedules for bankruptcy petitions, deal with the trustees, etc. in another federal District Court (not the one I'm in now) and PRIOR to the reform of 2005.

I'm in a situation where I need to talk to an attorney but not an attorney who will push bankruptcy on me (although it IS an option). There are two unique situations if I were to decide on going with bankruptcy, and I really need someone who will weigh the options and give legal advice on what's best FOR ME given this scenario, not what's best for "x amount of debt" because of these two unique situations (trust me--I never saw them on ANY bankruptcies I ever worked on). Other than the questions I have on these unique situations/complications, I'm only dealing with unsecured debt.

I'm in Chicago, have been unemployed for over 2 yrs, am now underemployed (only earned $280 last month AND it's a project job due to end shortly--then I'll be penniless). Does anyone know an attorney who could do a free consult? I have all my documentation in order. I just need someone to look it over and "weigh" the situation for me. I do have the first judgment-hungry creditor breathing down my neck (was served). Thanks!

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Well stay away from Peter Geraci's office... they are just a "mill" and most of their staffers are ...well...inexperienced; in my opinion.

I can recommend:

David E Linde

The Fox Valley Legal Group, LLC

1444 N Farnsworth Ave

Suite 113

Aurora, IL 60505

630 898-6500

That contact info is a couple years old, but I expect he's still there.

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