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How do I read this on Transunion report?

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Hi guys,

So I've been looking at some of the books and following online but I'm not quite sure how to read this entry on my credit report from Transunion.

Back story:

I had a credit card from 5/3 that had basically gone into collections. I thought it got paid off in full but apparently some interest hit last minute and it accumulated along with late fees while I was gone at school. So it went to over the limit and the account was closed.

So when checked transunion and the other reports it shows under the adverse accounts the 5/3. Okay, fair enough. However, it shows the status as paid or paying as agreed.


Balance: $0 Date Updated: 10/2010 High Balance: $753 Credit Limit: $500 Past Due: $0 Pay Status: Paid or Paying as Agreed Account Type: Revolving Account Responsibility: Individual Account Date Opened: 08/2008 Date Paid: 09/2009

I look on the report and there is no collection agency responsible for 5/3 with a balance anywhere near the amount of the card. So how do I go ahead and get this off the report? It's not listed on any of the reports as a charge-off or anything either. It basically has no balance on there, no collection agency to speak of, no negative status (paid as agreed isn't bad right?) just showing it was closed by them.

So what gives? This is the only thing on my report that I am worried about, everything else is bits and pieces of this and that I can settle with collection agencies and have them remove from my report. This is the only creditor that shows up, everything else is CA's. This goes for all of the big 3.

How should I proceed from here to get this removed and what should I expect? I haven't used this card in months and they said it was closed off in like...June or July of this year. That should be plenty of time for the CA to be on the credit report, right?

Thanks for the help!

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