Please prescribe a CC for me

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I am needing another card to help increase credit score in the upcoming months.

I have searched the list of friendly FAIR credit cards: My scores are 590 TU, 617 EFX, 650 XPN.

I tried Walmart store card yesterday; NO GO! .. I also tried Discover card: OOPS NO WAY!

I don't want to run up a billion inquiries. I have 2-capital one cards that I LOVE! But want something different. Neither of my capital one cards have a yearly processing fee nor setup fee. That was my only qualifier. Interest rate at this minute is not important since I am only using them for credit increase. I have trained myself well to not use them for leisure.


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I'm not really sure which would be a good card for your score.

The funny thing about credit cards...some people get approved..who shouldn't and the people that should...don't get approved.

For example....my hubby has better credit than me. Yet, he couldn't get approved for Chase freedom even though I could.

Personally, with your scores...I would consider banking at a credit union and getting a credit card with them. They are usually pretty lax with members credit scores.

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