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Agreed to settlement offer BUT...


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At my pre-trial hearing, I agreed to a settlement offer by Capital One's collection attorney. My only other option was a payment plan with a judgment but I wanted to avoid the judgment so I agreed to settle in full. I asked for a couple months to pay and she agreed, but now that I have a couple weeks before it's due I'm realizing I can't pay it all at once. At most, I can send them 1/2 now. It's only $1,400, but I make very little and it's so difficult for me to come up with that kind of money.

If I contacted the law firm, is there any way they would accept a renegotiation of the settlement in 2 or even 3 large payments now, even though I agreed to a full payment? Or maybe even get an extension giving me more time to pay? Or am I basically screwed?

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