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What is my next step?


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I can tell you a little...

AFNI (formerly Anderson Financial)

PO Box 3097

Bloomington, IL 61072-3097


They just recently (10/2010) threw a AT&T bill on my credit report that they claimed was from 2006. I don't recall this bill at all. I had AT&T and I moved, but I thought I paid that bill completely. The tradeline is only for $271. After all their fees and interest and any other BS a JDB tries to put on the tab, it could have been a final month that I inadvertantly left hanging.

In any event, I did a DV to the CRA and it came back verified. So I followed with a MoV, and sent a validation letter to AFNI. They did not respond and it has been 30 days as of NOV 25. No dunning letter was ever sent to me in OCT. The only way I knew I had this on my report was because I pay for monitoring.

So the day it hit my report and put me on a state of notice I requested validation within 30 days of that date. There was no response and they marked the tradeline "disputed". That's it. It remains on all 3 CRs right now under the name of the JDB, not AT&T.

So I too am wondering what my next step should be. It is such a small amount and in all likelihood it is mine (since I did have ATT in 2006) but I don't want to do a PFD with a JDB who didn't follow any of the rules. It encourages being a schmuck.

I've done a good job with my credit and I am not in the market for a house or car or any more CCs, so I would like to make a bigger deal of this since I have more time and money then I do common sense.



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I spoke to the FTC today. They are working with another Federal Agency (I'm not sure which one) and they are in the process of amending the FDCPA. The FTC agent told me that their goal is to put the CAs at task with more clear, specific rules they will have to abide by. The FTC understands that the consumer is getting screwed by these CAs.

I am spending hours researching case law and reading FDCPA and FCRA over and over. I am starting to catch on a little. In your situation, I would go after the CRA and ask for their method of verification. This is required by FCRA. I am preparing a letter for this purpose for my case. I think pinning down the CRA for verification method, then pitting them against the CA is your weapon of choice. Your thoughts.

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