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Settlement Timming Help and Sample Needed

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I have had one case dismissed and I have one case close to dismissed based on the help in the forum. Thank you. I now have a third case that does not look like I can end up with a favorable outcome.

I am being sued by a local credit union for a 6k credit card debt in Ohio. The complaint contains the original signed agreement and a summary of the account with the total amount due.

I have searched the court records and all suits they file either end up with a default judgment or a summary judgment in the favor.

It seems like I should try to settle, but I am wondering if anyone has settlement advice from experience to offer... Or any advice on how to win this case against a small local credit union that has their ducks in a row. They were my checking account/savings account as well when the cc card was in good standing and there will be plenty of payments made to them from my account.

Are there any sample settlement letters on the net anywhere that you know of?

Should I try to settle before answers to the complaint are due... or go ahead and answer the complaint denying the account and sending them discovery and then try to settle in discovery?

I am not even sure what to ask as far as settlement goes. I can not lump sum pay anything right now.

I figure the settlement letter would go to the tune of... in order to avoid bankruptcy and litigation costs...

Any advice would be appreciated.

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