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Preparing for a Credit card law suit lose

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I say that if you are defending yourself in a credit card lawsuit you must take steps ahead of them to protect what money you have. I hear the sad sucker stories about someone getting their bank account frozen and cleaned out by a company they just fought and lost to in court. DAH !

1 Clean out your bank accounts(no I say leave a dollar in there for them) and stop all direct deposits Invest in a small home safe keep your cash their Pay for everything with cash or money orders and use prepaid debit cards they are not bank accounts. Become familiar with your states garnishment laws. I live in Pennsylvania Wage garnishment are not permissible for credit card debt but they can go after my bank account and place liens on my property. Prepare to be garnished if your state allows wage garnishment but don’t let them take money you have in the bank get it out now. Prepare to leave the Federal Reserve system What I mean by this is that say goodbye to banking as you now know it. No more saving/checking accounts no more credit cards. Say hello to Credit Unions & Prepaid debit cards and Social lending Clubs average return is 14%


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