Transunion success!!

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Just wanted to give you guys a good success story regarding troubles I was having with Transunion customer service reps refusing to work with me, being rude in general and refusing to correct inaccurate information on my credit report so what I did was file a complaint with BBB against TransUnion. As soon as Transunion received my complaint from BBB they complied with my request. Not only that but now I get place into a special priority handling dept.

So every time I call Transunion to dispute or check on the status of a dispute I get routed from the call center (which sounds like it's in India) to a special handling department here in the US where the reps are extra nice and will go out of the way to get your disputes done. Perfect example is when I sent a dispute in several weeks ago I did not hear anything so I decided to call and find out what was the status. The lady on the phone was extremely nice and let me know that my dispute was not processed because I had written down the wrong acct# for the account I was disputing. She said she would be able to put my request in for a dispute when normally I would have had to send in a new dispute. Several days later the inaccurate info on my report was updated and now is correct.

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