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Handling and paying Collection Agency


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Have lot cards just charged off related to a business gone bad.

Getting the endless phone calls not only to me but family members that is humiliating and deplorable tactics by these CA.

1) Does the cease/desist letter work? Worth doing to stop ALL the calls.

Don;t mind them to me but to family members I won't tolerate

2) Some have been 'placed' w/CA and some have been 'sold.' Considering my credit is ruined w/the 'charge off' I want to settle for as little as possible.

Make a difference if it's placed? For the ones that are 'sold' off I want to pay these firms as little as possible because only going in their pocket.

3) Going to be awhile before I get the money to settle all these cards. What's best course of action in the meantime? Because spending like a full day every few weeks going through their paperwork, calling them back, making sure they don't call family, etc.


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