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Experian Appears to have deleted a Judgment...


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So I had a Judgment from last year... on my credit reports. I have since disputed the item with all 3 credit bureaus, and my reason was the Judgment has been "satisfied". That day it was "under investigation". I went back onto Experian's credit report a couple days later to do some more disputing, and I couldn't find the item. It is no longer on my credit report underneath public records/judgments. I never received any correspondence from Experian regarding the dispute, nor an e-mail. They stated the day I disputed it, that I would have the results e-mailed to me within 30 days.

I guess I'm just at a loss for words here... did they actually delete the item off of my credit report for good? All the other items I disputed are still on the report, just listed as "under investigation".....


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