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I filed a OCC complaint against US bank for reporting a corporate account on a personal credit report. While US Bank has acknowledged it being a corporate account what they have argued is i have been only officer on the account who is listed as corporate officer and that the account was charged off as bad debt on september 18, 2008 due to non-payment. The account is reflecting on your personal credit report as not only the cardholder,but also as the company's authorizing officer. However, the account is reporting accurately to the credit bureau reporting agencies.

Now, my dispute is this

I had specifically asked for a business account using my Tax Id number. They have chosen to issue the card as a business card with a Joint Liability.

I at one time, did return this card knowing specifically that it was a joint liability. My intent in having this card was specfically to have employees use the card.

There is a paper out that issued by the Federal Trade Commission which disputes the legality of reporting a business credit account to your personal credit report. i will attach this copy later. I have so very often reminded US Bank and disputed it with Credit Bureaus but to no SUCCESS. The link to the paper is below


My original credit limit issued to me was a $7500. which was later increased to $10,500.

US Bank via their letter to me do propose to discuss payment arrangement to rectify the balance. In all my previous disputes they have acknowledged that i have been unwilling and not intending to pay or acknowledge my charge-off.

My status with OCC still remains pending approval and is not considered settled. What is my chances and re-course if any to explain it to OCC in great detail my side of the story. I have a right to appeal and take it furhter.

Im very interested in suggestions procedures i can follow to work towards an amicable resolution with US Bank (other than doing a payment arrangement with them). At one time, they hired an outside collection agency which i know have harrassed me with calls every few days and hours and i have recorded the number and have CMMRR letters letting US Bank know that they r in violation of Texas Fair Debt collection Act, This has been ongoing since late 2008. Im known to keep meticulous records of all CMMRR and other disputes with Credit Bureaus, OC or OCC.

I would very much appreciate anyone having suggestions or showing a way of getting this resolved amicably.

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Guest usctrojanalum

What is the balance they are saying is owed? Maybe you can try a pay for delete letter? and offer something like 15-20% of the balance and see what they say.

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