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Contacting CA for settlement after lawsuit is progressing?

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Has anyone contacted the Atty. suing you to discuss a settlement

after the lawsuit has been started?

I go tomorrow to a hearing because I was given a letter offering me the opportunity to oppose, object to, or otherwise respond to said argument.

Plaintiff's Atty is requesting a court date in front of a judge for

their Motion For Judgment on the Pleadings

I am wondering what would happen if I were to call them, after the hearing, maybe on Tue. or Wed.

Could I offer a settlement at this point or would they laugh at me?

Would it be a mistake in that it would seem as if I was admitting the debt now

and could they use that in court if they dont get their judgment?

And finally, if they do get their judgment, and once the amount is paid off,

how long would it stay on the credit reports.

There unfortunately is a very great possibility I might not be able to attend

a judgment hearing because of the day of the week it would be on, an up coming operation, and the very real fact that a family member is a judge in the court system I would be at and I can guarantee you I will not go up in front of a family member.

So, just wondering.

I do have a motion ready to file at the courthouse on staying pending private arbitration, but again I will need to get it into a hearing and I am getting nervous.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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I filed a preliminary objection to the complaint filed against me. I'm in Pa also.

Had the arguement phase last week. They said nothing. They agreed to arbitrate and then filed suit anyway.

Their complaint was not incompliance with state and Pa rule statutes.

Did you answer their complaint or file a preliminary objection?

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