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Are There Rules That Govern Redactions to Documents?

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I had a quick question regarding "redaction" of a document.

I need to submit some documentation to prove I disputed an alleged debt with a JDB in and effort to avoid summary judgment. I have a copy of the letter I sent to the JDB along with a copy of the receipt/certificate of mailing and proof of delivery.

I'd also like to show that the debt has been disputed on my credit report. Due to obvious reasons I don't want to submit an entire copy of my credit report. I'd like to submit just the applicable page and I'd like to redact identifying information out of the accounts that are listed above and below the account listed in this case.

I simply want to scan the document and then on the PDF file on my computer I'd like to white out the portions of the identifying information on the irrelevant accounts. Is this acceptable? In the alternative I could simply take a sharpie and omit the other info.

I can't find anything within the MI rules of evidence that addresses proper redaction procedures.

I'm also very curious if there are any "rules" that govern proper redaction because the plaintiff has provided a one line typed page where they typed out my name, alleged account number, alleged balance, and the last 4 digits of my ssn. There is nothing else on the otherwise blank page and they are calling this a redaction to the bill of sale.

They provided a bulk bill of sale that contains the typical b.s. It doesn't specifically mention any account. So they've stapled the aforementioned "redaction" to the bill of sale to prove the bill of sale applies to this specific alleged account. It's not like they printed out a bunch of accounts from a file and redacted identifying portions of all the others...they simply typed/cut and pasted a one liner and printed it. This could easily be something they manufactured to fit this particular claim.

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Black out whatever portion you don't want anyone else to see. There are certain instances where certain information must be redacted and how, but not in your case. (Proofs of claim in bankruptcy proceedings, for instance - where things like SSN and birthdates must be redacted from all supporting documents).

As to the debt collector's idea of a "redacted" document, a trip through Webster's dictionary is in order. The bill of sale you describe isn't a redaction, it's crap.

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