Sending DV letters?

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When you send a DV letter to a creditor, aren't they supposed to report it to the credit reporting agencies? And if they don't report that it is disputed, then they are in violation?

If that is the scenario, why would a consumer also report to the credit reporting agencies that they are in dispute of the same account? Shouldn't you let it ride so that you can show the creditor did not do the right thing and report it and thus have violations against them?

I'm confused . . . :shock:

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DV letters go to collection agencies, not to creditors

Then the CA must notify the CRA that you are disputing it.

That makes sense to me, but I have also seen where the supposed collection agency disappears and then you suddenly start receiving collection letters from the creditor themselves, so do you then send a DV to the creditor. I would fear that their collection agency who apparently is no longer in the picture, might have never really told their clients, the creditor of your dispute and that would give the creditor a way "out" of the violation.

I have seen before where people are told to send a DV letter to the collection agency and also to send one to the creditor at the same time. On the other hand, I have seen where people are told just to DV the collection agency, but what if they don't tell the creditor?

And then my other question, if you dispute a debt with the people who say you owe the alleged debt and if it is their responsibility to inform the credit reporting agencies - why would the consumer also inform the credit reporting agencies? Why not let them possibly violate their responsibility and then you have it on paper that they did not report it as per the law?

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and typically it flows like this:

*dispute with CRAs

*if it is verified, send DV letter to CA

* send 623 to OC

OR use the 1-2 punch.

Send DV to CA, use CMRR. As soon as it shows delivered to CA, send dispute to CRA.

CA is supposed to let CRA know you are disputing and until they validate with you, they are not supposed to "verify" with the CRA. If they verify with the CRA without sending you validation, then you have a violation. From what I am told anyhow.

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I know you don't DV an OC, but what I'm talking about is when you have a JDB who then has a company who collects for them. If you send a DV letter to the collection company who says they will let their client (JDB) know and will send you the requested information as soon as they receive it and you wait and wait and never hear back from the collection company, but lo and behold months later, here's the JDB sending you statements again. And they still don't show the account is disputed on the credit report. :rolleyes:

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