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NJ-How to answer Pressler & Pressler when they haven't answered mine yet?


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I am being sued by Pressler and Pressler in NJ Superior Court for an HSBC Credit card. They are suing me for $1562.

I recently sent my answer along with my affirmative answers, interrogatories and request for documents.

Yesterday I received a letter from P&P saying that they are in receipt of my admissions and interrogatories but they went ahead and sent me some of their own?? How can i answer them if they have not provided me with proof yet of this debt? I know I have to answer them but don't they also have to provide answers to me? How should I proceed?

I also received another letter from them stating: We would like to discuss this case with you. Please call a representative of our "Answer team" if you would like to discuss possible settlement.

Well, I dont want to discuss settlement because they haven't even proven this is my debt!! Is it ok if I just dont call them?

Please help!!! What are my next steps?

Thank you!!

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Guest usctrojanalum

This is normal for both sides to exchange discovery demands around the same time. They do not have to answer yours first before they can send you discovery demands of their own. But you do have a letter where they acknowlege they received your demands, so that is good. That will respond but don't expect anything englightening, based on what I've seen from these boards P&P is going to give you nothing citing a bunch of objections and that your requests are irrelevant and not likely to lead substantive discovery. I would advise you do the same.

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