CA put child's medical expense on CR with NO notice

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Hi -

My child lives in MS - I live in NC. I provide insurance for my children.

My wife took my child to the doctor and there was $200 which was not paid.

I NEVER received any notice from the dr's office or CA that this had not been paid.

I pull my credit - and I have a new collection.

I've read lots of posts - yes I know I should owe it.. and don't mind paying it. I just DON"T want it on my CR!!!

Is there anything you can suggest I use to fight this on my credit report? Can they legally put it on my CR with NO notice to me?

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I can't comment on the legality of what happened, but I would advise taking it up with the doctor.

Just tell them you never got a notice, would like to pay it off and ask them to take it off your credit report.

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