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I WON! Went to trial and I won!

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Hey, first of all , Congrats on your victory against those scumbags.

A question , can you please tell us how you defeated the account stated claim, what were your pleadings or affirmative defenses you used in your case against account stated.

thanks for your help!

Thanks FLORIDA666! You're question and many others about account stated inspired me to start a thread/mental purging of what I can recall about account stated in MI and in general. You can see that thread here:


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Congrats :):):):):) I am very happy for you.

I just got papers today from plaintiff asking me to sign for a dismissel without prejudice. Kinda upset after all that research for case law and what not knowing it's not over since they can come after me again later or give it to another JDB. For me it's a neverending nightmare :(

Thanks abby12 and Congrats to you too! A win is a win! Have you decided what to do?

Look at it this way! You did the work and made them want to throw in the towel at least for now. I'm worried about refiling or having this sold off and dealing with it again later as well...but it is what it is.

I suppose even a dismissal WITH prejudice wouldn't stop these dishonest idiots from selling it off again and that resulting in a law suit later on. You'd still have to get involved with answering the complaint and dealing with the preliminary bs even in that situation.

If it does happen we are three times as prepared as we were the first time around. Imagine how much faster you can accomplish things not having to worry about basic procedures. All that little stuff you have to panic about in the beginning:

where do I go? How much is a motion fee? How to format documents, how do I serve and file etc! That's all old hat now!

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Wow - this is the single most inspiring thread I have read in ages! I like the fact that you show it takes work and one has to be fully prepared - BUT IT IS POSSIBLE TO WIN!!



Thanks! I'm trying hard to give back and share with this wonderful community we have here. It is such a great source of feedback, general info, and inspiration!

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Does anyone know what happens after you file your NOA, Answer, Affirmative Defenses and COS? Is the Midland required to provide me with documentation since none was attached to their lame complaint? Im in FL and I am very hopeful because of what I am reading. My hubby is dying of cancer, my 11 year old has type 1 diabetes and I have the distinct pleasure of handling all of this by myself. You guys inspire me every day! Any ideas?

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