Is it possible to remove charge offs?

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I read through most it but I couldn't find any answer.

I did a lot of research on Google, & it seems that people seem to say

A. You have to be persistent.

B. You have to dispute, dispute, dispute

but eventually

you will succeed.

Does anyone here have any experience with this?

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I just had a charge off from HSBC Bank removed. I sent them a pfd letter and never heard back from them. After 35 days I disputed it online and it was deleted in less than a week. I'm not sure if HSBC just didn't have the records anymore or what but it's gone from my CR now.

Perhaps you'll have the same luck.

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Yes but time consuming, difficult and takes a bit of balls. I got two deleted after I took them to court and fought them for some months. On the other hand, every situation is different. It just depends. It can't hurt to dispute, dispute, dispute!

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