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Ozark Capital Corporation-JDB Need Help!!!


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Not sure what to do. My wife received a letter from Berman & Rabin Attorneys out of Overland Park KS stated she owed 4900+. She is not sure if the debt if hers. No account #. Dated Feb 11, received Feb 16.

It reads,

"Re: Your indebtedness to Ozark Capital Corporation Chase Bank USA,N.A.

Balance: XX$, 960 accrued interest and or late charges etc"

I can email the whole letter to anyone that can help.

It also reads:

If you dispute this debt in writing in the 30 day period, we will suspend collection until we send you verification.

That Said:

Feb 28th, she received a Summons to appear on March 9th. Dated Feb 24th

What is the best course of action to slow the process down or stop it altogether.

Any help is appreciated.

More details available to anyone that can help us.

Thanks in advance


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They did not give you 30 days to dispute! Are you sure it is a "real" summons? Have you called the clerk of the court and verified that it is real? Let us know and hopefully someone can help you get started on this . . . time is short! :)++

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I would definitely file a counterclaim for violation of the FDCPA (15 USC 1692g sec. 809 (a) seiing as how they didn't even give you the opportunity to dispute/request validation. Not sure what you defenses could be since we don't know much about the history of the alleged debt.

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