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Bank of America - Credit Protection Plus and Delux Plan

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I am trying to help out my friend's mother. She has no clue about credit cards and billings. She believes in paying bills on time and rarely checks what's on her credit card bill. I am guiding her to look at the bill first.

Recently, I have discovered that she has been charged for Credit Protection Plus and before it was Delux Plan on her Bank of America Visa credit card account. Apparently, the account has been closed and she has been making regular payments. I contacted the "Credit Protection Plux and Delux Plan" deparment and filed a dispute. She does not remember authorizing them and poor lady has paid over $1000.00 in non-sense protection. I would like to find a way so all the charged are reimbursed to the account. This forum has been really helpful to me in the past, very informative and good source of knowledge. Any good advice and assistance would be really appreciative.

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