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Is this JDB violating the FDCPA?

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Hi everyone, newbie here at the forum. Needing some advice and help. Here's my situation, sorry long post!

I received a phone call (first contact) on 1/18/11 from a JDB (one of the biggies). They wanted to know when I was going to take care of my account since I had ignored all the letters they had been sending. Huh? Have not received and letters from them AT ALL! I recently moved from another state about 18 months ago and am thinking they probably sent to my old address. So anyway, I ask them to send me something in writing because I am not familiar with their name or the account they are referencing. She gets real rude and says they already have sent numerous notices since 12/09 and that I have ignored all of them.

Again polietly tell ladly that I have not received them, did she happen to have proof of delivery or which address they were sent to? She said they don't need proof. Really? Don't I need proof when I mail something to them?

Anyways, I again state I am not familiar with what she is talking about and please send it in writing. She says I am a liar and that they received a dispute letter from me in March 2010 and they sent validation then. Huh? really, how could I dispute something I am just now finding out about. She continues that she has the letter in front of her. I asked her to please read what it says. She said she is not authorized to read it. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

So she continues to say that she wants to make me aware that at this point she is going to go ahead and list my account that I am in fact refusing to pay. I tell her I never said anything about not paying, I was requesting it in writing with verification. I further told her not to make notes of things I had not said. She repeated it again. At that point I told her I would no longer discuss this on the phone and they needed to send in writing to my current address (which she had). And I hung up. Did I mention I taped the whole conversation8-)

So the phone call was 1/18 and I get a dunning letter on 1/20 from stupid JDB. No postmark on the envelope, but letter is dated 1/1. Only info in letter is OC abbreviated (HFC?), amount and an account number (not sure if it's OC's or JDB's). So I immediately send off a DV letter to adddress on letter. Well it sat at the PO because nobody would sign for it. Get another call on 1/25, same conversation plus I add that someone needed to sign for my letter. Letter still has not been picked up. Even though notice was left on 1/23!

Another call on 1/27 and 1/30, didn't answer. Still have not picked up letter at PO!! So sent another letter to corporate address on 1/31. They received and signed for on 2/2. Another call 2/4 (after they get the cease calling letter-all communication was to be via mail), didn't answer.

Now it's 3/4 more than 30 days after they got the DV letter and I have recieved nothing from JDB in reply to request for validation. AND they added another key derrogatory to my credit report this morning! Now isn't that a violation of the FDCPA, continuing to collect (by reporting to CRA) after DV?

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated with how to proceed. Thanks!

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They are just going to ignore your letter and it would be a waste of time. Most of these JDBs only take notice of a summons.

What you need to do is dispute with the CRA, they will more than likely verify which is more continued collection.

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