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feeling bloodthirsty:

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I defeated a JDB in July of 2009,it was dismissed with prejudice,yay!

Not so yay is that after disputing it,it continues to show up on my credit report as a factoring/collections account.

The amount I dispute is around 16 K,so it does affect my job search in a tight job market.

I've contacted a naca firm,but I'd like to ask the forum's members what they think.

Is this a single cause of action,or do I have 20 months of injury to claim?

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I like your spirit, I would love to sue the SOB's suing me who have sued me, put me to alot of worry, and not come forth with any proof to back their claims.

What you have to remember is that filing a lawsuit against them would probably require a lawyer. It is one thing to defend yourselves against the JDB's that rarely have any evidence to back their claims. You have obviously proved that to be quite possible, you beat them.

Filing a suit might be something you could do without a lawyer, I have no doubt alot of time and effort would be needed to equip yourself with enough knowledge to go forward, but if your will and character makes that no issue then it is in your court as far as filing and probably having a winnable case.

But here is the bad news. Even if you win a judgement against the scumbags, you then have to COLLECT that judgement from them. The court will provide little assitance to actually enforce the judgement. I would almost assure you that you would have to hire a lawyer to have any chance of actually being able to collect the judgment.

If your bloodthirsty, then go get the creeps, but again getting a judgement and actually collecting on it are two different things.

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i think FCRA is a harder beast to tame than FDCPA. its not strict liability like FCRA. so it will be up to you to show damages. its almost a no-brainer that if you prevail on FCRA you should also be able to prevail on FDCPA.

but if you're going to argue that its hindering your job search, you need to show how.

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