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Concealed Mortgage Collateral - Search & Seizure

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Sorry if this has been asked and answered a thousand times, and it probably has been.

I'm pressed for time and currently don't have the resources to search in more depth.

A close friend is currently 60 days late on a vehicle loan. She has the money to bring the account current, which she's going to do today, however.. she received a voice mail from an "investigator" claiming to be seeking a "Search and Seizure" for concealment of mortgage collateral.

1) Does a judge have to issue a warrant for the Sheriff to serve a "Search and Seizure"

2) I know a lender can accelerate a loan when you are late but what happens if you bring the account current? Can they still require the full payoff balance?

Thanks in advance!


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1) No, the contract allows for a vehicle to be repo'd without having to go to court. The repo man has probably been looking for the vehicle but has not been able to find it.

2) If they accelerate the loan, then they can demand full payoff or take the vehicle, even if you can bring the account current.

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