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Wells Fargo repo/charge-off


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Bear with me as I'm pretty new here. There might be another post about this but I either couldn't find it or the situation wasn't very similar.

My husband's car got repoed in February 2010 by Wells Fargo. They got it from our work and my husband did it voluntarily. After that, we never heard another word from Wells Fargo (no letters or phone calls or anything). I got our CRs a month ago and see that Wells Fargo has done a charge-off for $7742 (which could be right since we owed a little over $9k when they took it).

We were wanting to fix our credit to buy a house and were told that the repo would prevent us from doing so (obviously). We don't have the cash to pay them now so what should I do? Since I never got any notices after the repo, can I ask them to send me infomration regarding the sale of the car? They haven't given this over to a collections place yet so I'd like to get it resolved ASAP.

Also, if we come to an agreement that we make payments on a set amount, can I ask them to change the charge-off to show that we're in an agreement that's in good standing?

Sorry it's long but this is all new to me. Thanks!

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