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With the help of online forums I have started rebuilding my credit. So far I have 6 deletions on Trans,3 on Exp and 2 on EQ. It's strange to me that some items were deleted so easily from TU and verified on other CRA. I have a couple EX accounts causing questions, any information will be helpful. I'm in Ohio and I've heard various numbers for SOL. Should this account still show a balance with a charge off ? It's also showing a past due amount of $2440.00 and all information has been verified.


Status as of Jan, 2011 Date opened [?] Jun, 1999 Date of last activity [?] Sep, 2004 Largest past balance [?] $4,492 Account Type [?] Revolving Account holder [?] Individual Industry Jewelers

LVNV is reporting a balance of $5564.00, 120 days past due and as a Factoring Company. This information has also been verified. As with the last one any help with this will be appreciated.


Status as of Feb, 2011 Date opened [?] Nov, 2005 Date of last activity [?] Oct, 2004 Largest past balance [?] $4,815 Account Type [?] Open Account Account holder [?] Individual Industry Factoring Companies

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I'm in Ohio and I've heard various numbers for SOL.

The SOL for collections and the SOL for credit reporting are 2 different things. The SOL for reporting a negative TL is 7 years (actually 7 - 7 1/2).


If I'm not mistaken, an OC (original creditor) can still show a balance when a cc has been charged off. However, if they sell the account to a JDB (junk debt buyger), the OC must report the balance as -0-. If Kay still owns the account, they appear to be reporting accurately. If they have sold it, they're not reporting accurately.


Date Opened usually means the date they purchased the account.

Date of last activity is supposed to be based on info from the OC.

Account type is the type of account it was.

Account holder - Individual factoring company? LVNV is not a factoring company. They purchase defaulted debts. Factoring compies do not purchase debts that are defaulted.

In any case, this account should also fall off your report in the next year or so. The older an account is, the less it hurts your score.

BTW, did LVNV purchase the Kay account?

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