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PFD or DV? Applying for a mortgage


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We spoke to a mortgage officer yesterday for pre approval. I need a 620 to be a secondary on the loan and I have a 618.

So, I pulled my report and found 3 new accounts with the same CA. This particular CA is known to be especially nasty. They are small amounts, $60-$65. I would rather just PFD with these and get them off. The bank approved him on his own but I would feel better if I'm listed on the loan as well. My parents divorced after 31 years, so crap happens. My question is, do I go ahead and send PFD or DV? It's just the DV is time consuming and we are house hunting now. What's the best way to go about this?

Also, is my score going to hurt the interest rate as a secondary? His score is in the 700's and has been at his job 10 years (military). I'm a stay at home Mom right now, so income on my end is not a factor.

Thanks in advance.

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