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PFD or DV? Applying for a mortgage


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Posted this in Mortgage. But maybe that was the wrong forum.

We spoke to a mortgage officer yesterday for pre approval. I need a 620 to be a secondary on the loan and I have a 618.

So, I pulled my report and found 3 new accounts with the same CA. This particular CA is known to be especially nasty. They are small amounts, $60-$65. I would rather just PFD with these and get them off. The bank approved him on his own but I would feel better if I'm listed on the loan as well. My parents divorced after 31 years, so crap happens. My question is, do I go ahead and send PFD or DV? It's just the DV is time consuming and we are house hunting now. What's the best way to go about this?

Also, is my score going to hurt the interest rate as a secondary? His score is in the 700's and has been at his job 10 years (military). I'm a stay at home Mom right now, so income on my end is not a factor.

Thanks in advance.

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I would offer pay for delete as those are really small and it sounds like time may be a factor. If you DV and they don't respond you could be looking at 60-90 days before you can get them off. If they PFD you can get them off within 10 days.

Here's what I suggest. I would fax them your offer and or send it fed ex with sig required (faster than USPS and you can verify sig same day)

here is a sample PFD letter I have used (and am using right now)


abc 123 collections

123 anystreet

anywhere usa, OK 73114


Re: Account Number 123456789

Dear Collection Manager:

I have reviewed my credit reports and I have become aware of a collection placed there by your institution. This is for your information that I am disputing validity of the debt referred to above. However, I wish to save us both a great deal of time and effort by settling this debt immediately.

Please be aware that this is not an acknowledgment or an acceptance of the debt, as I have not received any verification of the debt. Nor is this a promise to pay and is not a payment agreement unless you provide a response as detailed below.

I am willing to pay this debt in full ($50) in return for your agreement to remove all information regarding this debt from the all three of the major credit reporting agencies (namely Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) within ten calendar days from the date that you receive payment from me. If you agree to the terms, I will be more than happy to send you a certified payment in the full amount of the debt owed ($50) payable to abc 123 collections immediately in exchange to have all information related to this debt removed from all of my credit files.

If you accept the offer you will need to sign, date and return the agreement provided with this letter. That agreement must be signed by an authorized agent of ABC 123 collections. The signed agreement will be treated as a contract and subject to the laws of my state.

As granted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I have the right to dispute this alleged debt. If I do not receive your postmarked response within 15 days, I will withdraw this offer.

Please forward the signed agreement to the address listed below or if you prefer you may fax (or email) a scanned legible copy that is signed and dated by one of your authorized representatives to 123-456-1234 or youknowwhoyouare at some mail provider . com

Thank you,

jane doe

123 s whatever st

Whenever, OK 123456


Some of them might tell you they can't delete the info, that only the OC can but this is b.s. Let them know you are not asking them to delete the OC's tradelines only theres. And they VOLUNTARILY provide this information to the credit bureaus (they don't have to). And because of this they can also remove their tradelines without it having any effect on anybody elses tradeline.

If you pfd make sure you get it in writing (I'll attach a contract in the next post). If they won't PFD don't pay them anything. It will not help your credit score. A CA has the same effect on your Score whether it's paid or unpaid. Your score will not improve by paying off a CA.

IF they refuse to work with you. DV them and go for the one/two punch. AND avoid talking to them. They will try and trick you into saying something that validates the debt as yours for them.

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Account Number: 123456789

abc collections, referred to as COLLECTION AGENCY and Jane Doe, referred to as CONSUMER, agree to resolve the matter of the alleged debt, originally held by the some credit provider, hereafter referred to as the CLIENT.

CONSUMER hereby agrees to settle this alleged debt claimed by COLLECTION AGENCY on the following terms and conditions:

The COLLECTION AGENCY certifies that it is legally authorized to act in behalf of its CLIENT and that any agreement that the COLLECTION AGENCY makes on behalf of CLIENT is legally binding on the CLIENT.

The COLLECTION AGENCY and the CONSUMER agree that the alleged debt is $36. While the CONSUMER feels that validity of the debt has not been proven by the COLLECTION AGENCY, the parties agree that the COLLECTION AGENCY shall accept the sum of $36 as full payment on the debt. The acceptance of the payment will serve as a complete discharge of all monies due, and the COLLECTION AGENCY agrees to consider the debt paid in full and agrees to take no further action to collect on the alleged debt including discussing with or selling of the alleged debt to any 3rd parties. The payment from the CONSUMER shall be made in the form of a cashier's check or money order payable to abc collections.

Upon payment of the $36, the COLLECTION AGENCY agrees to remove any listing or information that the COLLECTION AGENCY may have placed on the CONSUMER'S credit reports. The COLLECTION AGENCY agrees to never at any time in the future place any information relating to this alleged debt on the CONSUMER'S credit reports or to sell this particular alleged debt to any other parties or to discuss this agreement with any other 3rd parties.

After receipt of payment should the COLLECTION AGENCY fail to remove the listing from all three Major Credit bureaus (namely Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) or reinsert it at a later date, the COLLECTION AGENCY agrees to award liquidated damages of $1,000 to CONSUMER for each offense.

This compromise is expressly conditioned upon the payment being received by the COLLECTION AGENCY. If the CONSUMER fails to pay the agreed upon amount to the COLLECTION AGENCY within 10 days of receiving this signed and returned contract by either certified mail or email , this contract will be immediately terminated.

The person signing this agreement______________________, hereby declares that he/she is authorized to act as an agent of the COLLECTION AGENCY.

This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, and assignees.

Signing parties agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined above.

Legal Representitive of Jana Ferrell and Associates: Signature:____________________________________ Date____________.

Consumer Signature:______________________________________________________________Date____________.


DO NOT SIGN THIS AND SEND IT TO THEM. Sending your signature to a CA means that it could end up on anything and be used on some form you've never even seen against you in court or atleast used as verification to the CRA's. They don't need your sig. The only thing they need to make the contract binding on your part is payment.

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