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Can You Negotiate Settlement to Remove a Judgment


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Hi All:

It's been some time since I've posted in the forum. In 2009 I had a default judgment filed against me in the amount of $2,400 due to not having been properly served the civil summons for the complaint.

I have been unable to move to vacate judgment for a variety of reasons, including severe personal time constraints and also having suffered a flood in my old apartment which resulted in the loss of many personal documents.

I am located in NC and received a collection attempt 6 months ago on the judgment by a VA law firm with an office in my state. I DV'd them because I did not believe they cared to invest the time and effort in attempting to collect on it via legal channels and wanted to buy some time.

Today I received a tax season settlement offer for 60% of the original amount if paid by March 25th. I would only consider settling the amount if it is possible to negotiate the removal of the judgment from my record. I understand this may require appearance before a judge, but am wondering if any of the good members of this forum have experience in having a law firm work alongside you in successfully accomplishing this.



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