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AZ - Question on "Notice of Lodging" and Proposed Judgment

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After so much research can not find clear answers to these basic issues (AZ Superior Court).

I have combined a Response to a Summary Judgment with a Motion to Dismiss based on a fraudulent or untrustworthy Plaintiff's affidavit along with the usual with Statement of Fact etc etc. I have another longer post with details and other concerns/observations.

Since I included a motion to dismiss it is unclear if you have to include a proposed judgment (for the dismissal). Or maybe should be a "proposed order"? Somewhere I read its up to the individual judge or Court if a proposed judgment for a judge to sign is required. In the Plaintiff's MSJ they did include a proposed judgment form.

I filed everthing else and the clerk said I could add this later if I wanted to....

If I file a proposed order/judgement I assume I also have to file a "Notice of Lodging" as the Plaintiff did.

I can do both but appreciate any wisdom here.

Further confusion - I understand there is a technical difference between Motion to Dismiss and a Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment. But also that some Courts use the terms interchangeably. Have no idea in AZ

Therefore though is that the proposed judgment is appropriate if needed for a Motion to Dismiss since it is a "judgment" by the Court vs the usual definition of a "judgment" that is often thought of as against the Defendant.

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