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Az pleadings in 12 pt or 14 pt and certification of mailing need signature?

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I read for the AZ Appellate Court pleadings etc have to be in 14 pt type.

I have always done 12pt for AZ Superior or Justice Courts and I think without getting out a ruler that the Plaintiff's pleadings are in 12 pt but haven't found that rule yet.

Also lately I note in Plaintiff filings after the normal submitted by with date section that in the next "I certify I mailed a copy..." section is NOT signed just has the date.

I previously understood this also had to be signed and believe have seen this requirement. But some attorney's not. So am wondering if I was wrong if that section also has to be individually signed as I have been doing or not. When you have so many pleadings get writers cramps and be nice to only have to sign once.

Court needs original signature as I understand it but copies not. I keep wanting to get blue pens to be sure what is the original but have just signed like 5 sets for everyone with original.

The clerks often hold up against a light and can someway tell if black ink is original or not.

It also was not clear to me before that you also have to send to the judge a separate copy. So for under $50k in Superior Court need copies for

Original for Court

Copy mailed to judge (I had no idea address but found)

Copy to Arbitrator assigned (mandatory if under $50K)

Copy to Plaintiff attorney

Copy with Court stamp for your records.

Lots of trees get cut since double spaced, one sided and with exhibits in Statement of Facts can be massive like what I just filed.

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