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Hi everyone...it's been a long time since I posted here.

I just wanted to vent my frustration with the FICO scoring system and the separate scores..

Today, I decided to check my scores:

TU- 805

EQ- 691

That's just crazy!!

Here's what each report says:


What's hurting my score- there's nothing listed

What's helping my score-

1. no missed payments

2. limited use of available credit

3. established credit history

4. not actively looking for credit


What's hurting my score-

1. no recent activity on revolving accounts

2. no recent activity on credit cards

What's helping my score-

1. no missed payments

2. established credit history

3. not actively looking for credit

That makes absolutely NO sense! Just had to vent- I know everyone here can understand.


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I can relate. My TU is 661.....EQ just went up to 593. I had a higher score when my bureau looked like a christmas tree (reds, yellows and greens of late pays), had numerous CA accts and a few PRs - 2 of which were BKs!

Right now I have years of current payments, NO PRs, NO CAs, 3 accts with lates that are 6 yrs old, 1 acct with a late 15 mo ago, full 'range' of acct types, 5 inqs that are nearly 2 yrs old. My AAoA dropped d/t student loans (I went back to school for 3 yrs) and is just around 5 yrs. what is really hurting me is my util. It is currently 85% and I should have it all paid off (CCs) by May.

IMHO, I cannot believe that ANYONE would have thought my CR indicates that I am a higher risk now!

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