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Email missing?

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I've just discovered that I'm missing some email. I use Outlook Express and was wondering if anybody else has noticed anything strange? I've had more than one person recently ask me if I received their email and it's not there. I've checked in my spam folder and it's not there either . . . I guess it's the cyber theif! LOL! :shock:

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Lots of possibilities...

Outlook Express has some built in "number of message" limits that aren't well known. For example, if you don't delete messages after you read them, your in box may bump its head on the number of messages it can contain.

It might also depend on what you actual email service is. For example, if you actual email address is Linda7@something.com, and some body else has been using the mail server at something.com as a spambot, then something.com might have gotten added to one of the spam blacklists out there in the internet. If somebody sends you a message that goes throuh the blaclist server, your mail gets deleted.

Really hard to tell...

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