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AFNI letter


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I got a dunning letter from ANFI about 2 weeks ago and I followed up with a DV letter to them.

I got a response back:

This debt was on a T-mobile account for $388

ANFI responded with a COPY of the last statement with my name and address on it from a dated showing charges thru Sept/2009 due by October 2006.

In the State of NV the SOL for unsecured debts is 4yrs.

Wrttien contracts is 6yrs I believe.

My question is this:

Should I treat this as in unsecured debt past SOL (since it is going on 5 yrs)

and write them a letter stating they trying to collect on a 'uncollectable' debt and go jump off a cliff?


should I ignore the letter?

Nothing is on my credit report YET.

Is a cell phone bill considered unsecured?

and the letter states the usual "this is an attempt to collect a debt" blah blah blah...


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Thanks. I will just make them validate the debt and see where it goes. This one I might pay for delete. I'll see what I can do. If I were to pay them in full, do I run the risk of them selling it again????

Is the debt within the SOL? If you pay in full, get every detail in writing. If it were me, and they didn't agree to include in the agreement that they won't sell the debt again, I wouldn't pay them a dime.

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Yes the debt is within SOL. This is the 2nd JDB on it in a year. The first one was Vital or NCO don't remember. Anyway, I'll just have some fun with them.

They tried playing games with me over an $89.00 telephone bill, which I had refused to pay because of the very poor service ( way less than acceptable industry standards)I had received from the telephone company. I sent AFNI a DV letter demanding to show proof that they had been legally assigned this account, and provide all documents, PROPERLY PREPARED, EXECUTED AND SIGNED IN INK by all parties involved IN THE ASSIGNMENT. I also demanded that they show the amount of "valuable consideration paid" for the assignment. I advised them to submit all information to me or to 'IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST" and sent my letter to them CMRR, allowing them 15 days to respond pursuant to my taking further action, to include filing a complaint with the STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS, THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION AND THE US POSTAL SERVICE ( MAIL FRAUD DIVISION)

In my letter, I also demanded to know the names of their corporate officials who had performed a 'thorough and meaningful review" of the matter in question, and the name of the individual who had authored and sent their dunning letter to me. I sent my letter to them addressed to : THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND THE GENERAL MANAGER OF ACCOUNTS AND COLLECTIONS, STATING THAT IT WAS MY INTENTION TO HOLD ALL PARTIES , CORPORATELY and PERSONALLY LIABLE in the event litigation became necessary.

They got the message...I received a letter from them stating that "they were closing the matter and would have no further contact with me" . THIS HAS BEEN WELL OVER TWO YEARS AGO....HAVEN'T HEARD ANOTHER WORD.

Ya just have to swing a bigger club than the opposition and make them aware that YOU ARE NOT EASILY INTIMIDATED.

It is not a matter of NOT PAYING A LEGITIMATE DEBT. Rather it is a matter of PAYING ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE LEGAL STANDING in the collection process.

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