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Midland: Debt collector to drop Maryland cases

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Debt collector to drop Md. cases

Published 03/11/11


Some 10,000 debt-collection cases against Maryland residents will be dropped under a class-action settlement a federal judge has approved.

U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett on Wednesday approved the settlement reached in June with Midland Funding LLC.

The dismissed claims are mostly for unpaid credit card debt

Midland bought from creditors. They total more than $10 million.

Peter A. Holland, attorney for class members, said Midland

was operating as a debt collector without a state license.

The suit claimed illegal abuse of Maryland residents.

Encore Capital Group, of which Midland is a subsidiary,

said in a statement the court made no finding of wrongdoing.

www . hometownannapolis . com /news/reg/


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I wonder why they weren't fined for operating without a license. After all, how long have they collecting and suing in Maryland?

JDB Midland Funding LLC was enforced to get CA license in Maryland (01/15/2010) under

Settlement Agreement with Maryland State Colection Agency Licensing Board



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