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Is this actually considered a Bill of Particulars? Help!

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Hi All, I just want to say thank you to all ahead of time as this forum has been so helpful learning how to fight back! :)

Anyways, I received by Bill of Particulars that I requested ( Already received a summons ) today and found it quite odd as that all they sent me ( EQUABLE ASCENT FINANCIAL ) is an old online statement from CHASE and an Information about your account page which is completely visually unreadable. No agreements, no signatures, no paperwork stating what they actual purchased the debt at. I am confused on what I should do from here as it shows nothing except the fact that I obviously owed CHASE money at a point in time. Whats more interesting is that technically CHASE bought out WASHINGTON MUTUAL so wouldn't they need to pull the original contract from them? Any ideas or insights on what to do next? Very confused between this and discovery.Thanks again!

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Seems like we are the same point in our cases. My alledged debt from a Chase WaMu credit card had no signed contract or application on file. I have another Chase credit card that also doesn't have a signed contract or application. Per the Truth in Lending Act, Regulation Z, I wasn't supposed to be sent a card. Chase got around it by alleging there was an internet or phone application. What a croc of lies. I denied it because it was untrue. I am fighting with Equable Ascent Financial too and their lawyer. I read he doesn't actually work for Equable Ascent Financial; he just buys the loans once he thinks he will get money. I get the feeling I am being black mailed for a debt that isn't collectable. That maybe why Equable Ascent Financial didn't answer their Requests for Admissions, Request for Interrogatories, or Request to Produce Documents. They just replied back that it was too amigous. I am meeting with the self help guy tomorrow. He's the one that helped me fill out the discovery requests in the first place. I will probably file a motion to compel.

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