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What would you consider enough proof to settle?

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bill of sale from original creditor to the jdb

signed credit card agreement

all the statements that have ever been procured

proof that they mailed them to me

proof that i got the card, used it, and made payments

a phone conversation of me making admissions

a videotape of me admitting that its my card and that i intend to pay all the debt that i rang up

and even then i wont settle. i'll take it to trial unless they want to settle for less than half as well as remove it from my credit report.

(but im crazy, i wouldnt listen to me)

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I am with Jackson, on this one. If you were asking about OC, I would feel differently. Everything I have seen, read and experienced so far is JDB's big issue is the witness or affiant. Someone has to authenticate the business records and Bill of Sale, and they need personal knowledge.

Most OC's don't supply witness to JDB for trial, so how does the witness from the JDB have personal knowledge of how the books, statement, bill of sale were kept or executed.

Given that you will have should have a chance to settle near trail time. We were asked about settlement the morning of trial, we offered they laughed. My attorney beat them and won judgement for defendant. This was a suit brought by OC not JDB, but the OC had a Collection Attorney handle the case. The collection attorney farmed it out to local rent a lawyer. They had a witness from the OC, and still lost because they didn't pay attention to the evidence they submitted.

Don't let your fear keep you from defending your rights. I realize that is easy for me to say as I had an attorney on the case I referenced, but I have forced settlement through arbitration on a case, settled another on my own and lost one to Summary Judgement which I still was able to settle for $1300 dollars less than judgement they won.

So you are still in the game....

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