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are they really going to sue me or is this a scam?

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So today I got a call from a private number informing my wife that I was being sued and for me to call this number 8882466420 with a case number. I called the number an was informed it was for a credit card that I had with HSBC and that they were a a process surver and needed to confirm my residence. I called Hsbc to find out that I did have a outstanding balance with them from 2008 of $562.00 so i tried to pay.

Hsbc told me my acct had been sold to another company Forward Property inc and they provided me the number so I called them and number was no longer active. I called back to the first number and the guy said hey well we can settle this out of court for $562.00 1 time payment if not you will be sued for $2500.00 . I asked them to provide me with a VOD so I can pay them and he told me he couldnt because that was there evidence to the judge that they tried to contact me before.

He got upset and said look you have untill Tuesday to pay if you do fine if not we will serve you on Wed morning. So I dont know what to do ,

So I called and asked for a Vod and he says I should have got one in November I informed him that I never got one. I informed he that I was not about to pay something to some random person calling on a private number that if he was giving me till Tue why not send me a overnight letter. He said because the attorny has that info and there not going to share there evidence with me.

The company name is AF Group there phone number 888-246-6420 and there buisness is at

32295 Mission Trail Ste. 8385-10

Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Phone: 888-246-6420

I had my brother that lives in California 10 min away and he says it looks like its a drop box. Also this is the email they sent me since they said that was the best they can do .

AF Group

32295 Mission Trail Ste. 8385-10

Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Phone: 888-246-6420 Fax: 909-212-7258

March 11, 2011

*Personal and Confidential*

RE: Original Creditor: HSBC ORCHARD

Original Account: #

Account: 56664NE-11

Balance: $2,572.13

As of March 11, 2011 AF Group is prepared to settle this account in full for $562.32 to satisfy

the above referenced account, provided that the funds are received NO LATER THAN MARCH

15, 2011. If funds are not received in our office by the due date, this settlement offer agreement

will be considered NULL and VOID.

Once the funds for the above referenced account have cleared your bank, the AFG will release

you from all claims and liabilities pertaining to this account and our trade line with the major

credit bureaus will be updated to PAID.



Legal Manager

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That email is a communication, and there is no "this is an attempt to collect a debt"...FDCPA violation. I assume you've never heard from them before, so if within 5 days they have not sent a letter informing you of your right to dispute the debt within 30 days, another violation. Threatening to sue if they don't intend to or don't have the right to do so...another violation.

I would be really surprised if they sued, but if they do, you have a counterclaim. I wouldn't talk to them again.

Is the debt within the SOL?

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I have sent them a email and will be sending a Certified letter Monday that says the following


AF Group

32295 Mission Trail Ste 8385 -10

Lake Elsinore Ca, 92530

RE ACCT # 56664NE-11

To Whom it may concern

I dispute this debt in its entirety, phone calls at anytime are not convenient, and I request validation. I waive your litigation rights and want this matter sent to arbitration.


I was given advice from some friends to send that so thats what I plan to do . I have a wife who is currently 11 months I cant not afford to get sued at this time in my life I cant sleep or eat since Friday and its just upsetting my Wife.

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I'd contact a consumer attorney in your state and start sending them your information, if he thinks you have a case he can file a suit against them and since they work on contingency it is at no cost to you.

its possible that the debt can get extinguished and that you might get some jingle.

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So just wanted to update everyone as of today I still have not been served . My attorney says we have a really good case at wants to discuss with me Thursday were we want to go with this. I know I can due it on my own but I really don't have the time to do this on my own . I'm not sure if I want to sue which I discuss with my attorney . I really don't mind the $300.00 if its going to help stop this from happening to someone else which my attorney pointed out . She says she might have linked a certain individual who owns all 4 organizations doing this, I just want to be left alone the baby is almost here so I dont know if I want to go through the hassle

By the way guys thank you very much and we decided on a boys name Abel !

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