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Settling on a joint collection


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Has anyone had any luck with one party settling if the other party doesn't?

I know I'm responsible for the whole amountsince my name's on it. But long story short, I was a co-signer on a card, trying to work out a deal with the other signer in order to get them taken off my report, other person got a call and gave them a C&D. The "them" in this case is the dreaded PRA :? I want to see if I can PFD with them but can't come up with the whole amount on my own right now.

And the little crazy person part of me doesn't want to pay to fix the other person's credit if they refuse to help me.

One last thing. Anyone have tips on how to deal with these people? I keep reading horrible things about them and I'm a little intimidated! Thank you!!

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