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Just a little opinion here - I got them to just ballpark my TU score (I know they're a FAKO but I figured what the heck?). I have a suspicion that as far as receiving help when asking a question, your chances may be slim to none. I've tried asking a couple questions and any response I get seems uninformed.

1. was about disputing/correcting a charge-off. The reply? Basically "it's your debt, pay it". Nothing about DV or settlements.

2. was about required notices for a repo. The reply? "They don't do that and they won't forget you" and "sorry, but you're stuck".

Now I'm done venting and I'd like to thank everyone for sharing knowledge here and truly helping other people. And thanks to Admin for making this information available.

*Oh and they use all your info to "get your report" and grade you, BUT they never show you what's actually on your report. Something sneaky there I think.....:cool:

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