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Summons from WWR for Discover Card

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Received summons via regular mail from Superior Court of New Jersey

Special Civil Part

Jersey City, NJ

Plaintiff shows Discover Card

Date served 3/10/2011

July 2010 Statement was attached, and it shows Internal Charge off -6,225.89

I have given it to my attorney who will file an answer, but still want to be educated by others, and thus my post.

I have read that after a charge off, that the OC doesn't necessarily own the debt anymore and it is an attorney tactic is to list Discover as plaintiff. Is this true? Do we pose this question as part of our answer or discovery?

Secondly, received a separate letter from WWR:

"As you are aware, this firm has filed a lawsuit against you on behalf of the client referenced above. We recently learned that you were properly served with a copy of a complaint. At this point, we would like to work with you towards a resolution of this matter. Please call toll free 877-612-7138 to discuss, etc... "

I wonder if this is part of their tactic as well, meaning, do they really want to go forward with litigation.

For reasons that I've vetted, I cannot file CH7, and do not want to file CH13. I suppose I need to work towards settlement, and would have been willing to deal with Discover directly.

Please let me know your thoughts - thanks so much.

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