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Being sued by a JD Buyer. How shoud I answer/deny to the following which is true?


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I am getting ready to answer summons cause I got sever 2 weeks ago and I have little to no time. I used to have a VISA credit card for $ 2000 that was charged off on 01/31/2008 in Florida. The interest and fees brought the amount to up to $2600. The junk debt buyer(JDB) enclosed my last three credit card statements but no contracts or assignments between VISA and the JDB.

How should I answer/deny the following paragraphs in the summons which are true and avoid default judgment based on my pleadings.


2. Upon Defendant's request VISA established a credit account in the name of the defendant(consumer's name) and issued a credit card bearing the number VISA XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. (it's true they've got statements)

3.Defendant used said credit card resulting in a balance owed to VISA

of $2,600. (it's true they've got statements)

7. VISA has conferred a benefit on the Defendant, who has knowledge thereof

8. Defendant voluntarily accepted and retained the benefit conferred.

13. Before the institution of this VISA and the Defendant had business transactions between them and agreed to the resulting balance.

14. VISA rendered a statement of it to the defendant, A COPY BEING ATTACHED, and the defendant did not object to the statement.

15. The defendant owes VISA $2600 that is due with interest, in accordance with the attached account.

16. VISA has assigned the account to the JDB(Plaintiff)


I bought some online packages and they kind of help but I really don't knot how to deny/lack of knowledge if they have my last three actual credit card statements. Your fast response and help is greatly appreciated. I want to beat them because they don't deserve my money and make money on me when I am in hardship. Thank You!

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