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Question on student loans re:623

Drake Savory

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First of all, the good news.

Simply by disputing and paying off a state lien, my 500 FICO is now 567. :D

Since I'm looking to buy a house, I need 13 more points although 53 would be better. I am now at the stage where I am using the method of validation method combined with the 623. The problem is with my student loan. It was originally with BofA but is on my CR as ACS/Bank of America (of course no phone number listed). Would I call ACS (it is the same city as the CR gives) or BofA to start the 623 process?

Also, it was turned over very quickly to the state student aid commission. I'm assuming they're not the OC so a 623 wouldn't work. What method would I use to go after those line items?

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