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Being sued by a JDB.

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I have a copy of a contract from the OC. No where in the contract does it state that I agree to them selling it to a JDB if I defult. Can they sell the debt to another company. Does that help if I am sued by a JDB? Also they have not supplied me with a signed contract.

Does the agreement mention anything at all about "assign", "assignee", or "transfer"?

If this is a credit card, more than likely, there is no signed contract. You may have signed an application, but not a contract. They should provide a copy of the cardmember agreement that was in effect the year your account went into default.

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Personal loan? I have no idea what they can or can't do. Perhaps your state has statutes for financial institutions that would apply to this. You could also contact an attorney and simply ask if the sale to the JDB was legal.

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