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I won against LVNV...is it now time for DV?


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I posted the below in the Is there a Lawyer in the house by mistake because this is about credit repair now...

I know it's been a while but I wanted to give you guys an update on my battle with LVNV.

Moved to Texas last September after sending the JDB lawyers a letter telling them I'm moving and giving them my address. 3 Guesses what they do? (First two don't count)...Yup they file a motion to ask for more discovery time...scheduled for late September (After I have moved)

I get a notice in the mail with the Judges ruling that gives them until 31 Oct 2010. This from the people who have had since June 1st to come up with ANY PROOF that the debt is mine (THEY (LVNV) NEVER PROVIDED ANYTHING THIS WHOLE TIME...NOT ONE SHRED OF PAPER PROVING ANYTHING!)

Then around 10 November 2010, I receive a notice in the mail that the Case was dismissed without prejudice. WOOOHOO! Right?

Well, in February I get another collection agency wanting the money.

Thanks to you fine folks here I think I have a plan, just need a little advice.

Since the JDB Attorney could get NOTHING out of LVNV as far as proof I'm thinking its debt validation time.

Here is the kicker, LVNV has been reporting on my credit since May 2009 and has been charging interest! I find it rather brash that they have done this and am wondering if I validate I *might* catch them with multiple FDCPA violations should they not remove this from my reports.

So need some brains here to give a suggestion as to next step.

Should I do DV with BOTH the CRAs and LVNV? (LVNV used 2 different addresses on the reports...scumbags right)?

Or should I just tackle LVNV first to see what if anything they have?

I know you guys say to do these both, but since I've already gone to court with these turds I don't know if the rules are a bit different now.

Any advice would be helpful!



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