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What kind of violation is this?

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If an OC deliberately falsified a billing statement, where does that

validation fall?

Example. Account is given to a management company

and payments are being made on the account.

The OC changes your address to that of the management company

who is nowe handling things for you.

The OC never contacts you again after changing your address

to the management company.

Two months later your account is given to a CA who never

answers DV. The CA contacts you at your home address

with a dunning.

6 month after that a law suit is brought with a billing statement

attached to the complaint and your address is on the billing

statement..... this statement dated for the month the CA

dunned you.

The OC had been using the address of the management company.

Therefore, this is a bogus statement that was never sent to me.

What kind of violation is this.... ?

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