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Round 1 of disputes.... maybe won a couple


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I'm going to admit that I might have been a little skeptical of this site and the information. Mostly because I wasn't aware of the procedure adn hadn't seen any results.....

Changed my mind!:D

I sent a couple dispute letters to the CRAs on 3/12. I started with the little collections and saved the monsters for later. Now keep in mind that I haven't heard from ANY of these CAs for at least a year or longer.

Today I get a surprise call from one of them. This is one I know I paid (copay when I had my daughter that they demanded before I toured the hospital). Go to EQ to online dispute (I'm impatient) and this particular CA is no longer on there. WIN!! OK it might come back but it's nice to have a little victory so soon.

Think I need to start tracking progress somewhere. I just started the whole process last week (mine adn the husband's) so maybe it's premature but whatever. So here's where we stand:


Coll. Svc. of NV - $256

Bus. & Prof. Coll. - $175

Bus. & Prof. Coll. - $203

Nat. Bus. Factors - $389

Remittance Assistance - $100

HSBC - $2751 (charge-off)

PRA (for HSBC) - $2796

Best Buy - $569 (closed)


Coll. Svc. of NV - $256

Coll. Svc. of NV - $339

Hosp. Coll. Svc. - $401

Verizon - $376

Grant & Weber - $1179

Wells Fargo Auto - $7724 (charge-off)

Wow that looks like a mess. Maybe this can help someone else. Any advice or personal experience is welcome (ew especially with HSBC, PRA, and WF). Thanks!!:)++

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Well I've been trying to be patient and wait for the Big 3 to get done with Round 1. Last week I started getting calls from a strange number and when I called back, the automated number said to wait for the next collections rep. I think the bureaus got my letters and the CAs know....:shock:

On a side note, I got the FICO tracker and updated my info (last name, number, current address....) and i get emails from Fico announcing changes in my personal info. So I check today and they didn't change anything. Same old last name, old phone number and a previous address listed as my current one (my current address shows as a previous address...??) Good thing I'm paying for the monitoring right? :roll:

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Get yourself a big 3 ring binder and some dividers.

Set up a tab for each account, and maybe one for each of your CRs as well. I also keep a ChexSystems report in mine.

One thing you may notice....

(and somebody please correct me if I am wrong)

Of all of the CAs that you haven't heard from in a while, some of them may be beyond the SOL now. But, by you stirring them up you may land on their radar again and they may try and collect the debt from you. If they do, you could use that to your advantage.

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Just a suggestion GertschMom....

Do not post too much specific information about yourself and your accounts and their respective balances. These are public forums, and ANYBODY can read what you are writing (CAs, JDBs, Lawyers, etc).

There have even been instances where members of this forum had their own forum posts used against them.

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Got a letter from TU that one of husband's collections was deleted!

Also got 2 letters from EQ - husband's said they didn't have enough evidence to confirm his identity. I did do 2 disputes with them (one online adn one in the mail) so I'm just going to wait a few more days on his.

Mine said 2 of the 4 I disputed were verified. So now what? Should I DV the OCs? or the CAs? This part gets me so confused for some reason....:oops:

Thank you!

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Congrats on your progress.

Keep an eye on your CRs now and watch for those deleted tradelines to come back.

If they re-list them, they have to notify you in writing within 5 business days. If they do not notify you in a timely manner then you can nail them on FCRA Part (A)(5)(B)(ii).

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Got a letter from EQ today. They apparently verified the same listing that EX deleted. Wait what? Yeah my thoughts exactly. Either someone screwed up or someone's lying. So now I'm on to DVs and all that.

Next question... In the letter from EQ, they also "updated" some other accounts. Not ones I disputed but 2 others. One in good standing and another collection. Now my EQ report from January has this particular collections balance as being around $370 (Fair enough, sounds right to me). The "updated" info this specific OC sent to EQ to update my report now shows the balance as about $970. Oh yeah you read that right. On top of that, they show it as a CO as of 12/08. No collections is reported or anything. How can this be? Is there some sort of violation here? I should also mention that my TU and EX both show the balance as $370 as of last month. Help!

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