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Best plan of attack?


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I found a JDB collection account as well as an OC account on my credit report back in October for over 13K. It is for a cashcall loan. I sent the the JDB and OC a DV letter. The JDB answered with a copy of a summary judgement. I immediately hired an attorney to get the case dismissed due to improper service (I was never served) and for wrong venue (case was not in my home town). The JDB said they agree to dismiss and will re-file in my home town. This is still within the SOL. The OC sent me a copy of all the statments (which do not state JR or SR) along with a copy of the loan settlement. The settlement was not signed and said it should have a void check and paycheck stub which are not attached. I beleive this is my dads account who is a SR. I sent the OC another letter asking them for more proof, like the canceled check and paycheck stub used to open the account along with a signed contract. They sent back the same statements and loan settlement sill unsigned. I explained in the letter that I believe this is my dads account and did not address that at all. As far as the JDB I plan I fighting this till the bitter end. Is a loan settlement the same as a contract? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Another question I have is since I DV'ed the JDB and they only sent the copy of the jusgement as proof. Now that there is no judgement, would any further collection activity be concidered a violation for continuing collection activity with out verifying my original DV letter?

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