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I must be doing something right + question on a 2nd CC.

Drake Savory

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Finished the first round of disputes and just sent off the second round of MoV, a PFD, a couple 623s etc. In fact, I bought a bunch of $4.95 and $0.61 stamps (CMRRR is $5.54) so I saved a lot of time preping everything including postage. Why do I think something is going right? When I started I couldn't get a CC even with Cap1 or an AT&T account without a $200 deposit per phone. Today in the mail I got a preapproval for Orchard Bank CC AND an AT&T account with 2 free droids (2 year commitment with data plan).

I was just about to toss the Orchard Bank app away ($300 limit with 20% interest) because I currently use a $500 secured card. Then I thought that maybe having a second revolving credit account and $800 in revolving credit may not hurt and actually help my FICO. Right now I only have about $6000 on a car and $42K in student loans as debt. Any ideas on if I should get the card? Currently at 561 mid mortgage score.

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